10 homemade refreshing drinks to beat the summer heat in 10 mins…

There is no heartfelt love than the ardor of FOOD……

First we eat, then we carry out everything else….. And so, here we dedicate our blog to all the folks who just love to munch on some delicious foodstuff and harmonize it with some refreshing thirst-quenchers, so basically this is for each and every one of you out there!!


To begin with, this very first blog of ours is akin to a savior for all the lazy butts like us who are crazy about gobbling up some tantalizing meals at any hour of the day but are at the moment a little disinclined coz of the unbelievable dog days….   And wish to escape the scorching heat of the season with some rejuvenating pick-me-up beverages…. But going out in the sun, sounds a terrible idea? It definitely is!!  Need not worry…… coz here are some amazing natural drinks which are extraordinarily yummy and at the same time super easy and simple to make that you can smooth the way out on your own and beat the summer heat ! All you need is 10 minutes!


  1. Spiked Mojito

Get ready for some chilled hotness!! Take a pitcher and pour in it about 600ml sprite, 500ml soda along with 2tbsp of grained sugar and 20 mint leaves and squeeze 3-4 lemons into it. Add about 2 cups of ice to your drink and now it’s time for the hotness, add ½ a green chilly to it. And your beverage is ready to be sipped in, a nip of this drink will let you tingle with its spice leaving you robust and revitalized.                  (Optional: Add 90ml of white rum)

  1. Peppery Tamarind Jus



This very tasty drink made out of the simplest ingredients, there is nothing more soothing and refreshing than this. All you need to do is, in a glass full of chilled water add 1tbsp of seedless tamarind, some fresh mint leaves and a spoon of cumin seeds and fennel seeds each. To enjoy this pungent beverage to its fullest, add on some aamchur, chaat masala, black pepper and a pinch of black salt, stir everything well and top it up with some masala boondi and feel the enriching flavors burst inside your mouth. It is also one of the best solution to improve your digestion.


  1. Mango Tango


The very essence of home-loving!!! Nothing can be better than Mangoes in the summer tide, it just lets you be at ease. This refreshing drink will be a divine for your tummy. For this perfect blend of sweet and sour, just scoop out the flesh of 2 boiled soft raw mangoes and bring them to a thin consistency by adding water, put in 2 spoonful of sugar and jaggery each, blend well and then add some cumin seeds, black pepper and black salt to taste. Put some ice into your drink and serve up chilled. The flavors of these mangoes will surely stream in your memories of childhood, and stories of each time you sneaked out. These infused flavors are definitely gonna enthrall you.

  1. नटखट Tarbooz





Well, the simplest of all is here, all you got to do is, take some deseeded watermelon and crushed ice, grind them into a thin puree and then sieve and add black salt to taste. And it’s done! Delight in with this refreshing drink along with your friends and feel the icy cold beverage leave you stress free and energetic. Moreover helps your skin to get a dazzling glow.




  1. Spicy Pepino



For all those, who like it a little spiced up and chilled, this has to top their list. Take 3 cucumbers, 3-4 mint leaves, ½ a green chilly along with some water, put them altogether and grind it to a very thin consistency. To enjoy this fully, add a pinch of salt to it and dish up chilled. Not only will the taste of this invigorating beverage lure you but also its beauteous color seems to tempt.



  1. Wood apple Smush


Wood apple is one of the healthiest fruits of summertime, it not only cools you down but is also very beneficial for gastrointestinal disorders. To prepare this belgiri juice, you just need to scoop out the flesh of half the fruit, add it into a glass of water and sieve. Then add into it ½tbsp sugar and a little rock salt suiting your taste. That’s it, your drink is ready to be served. This cool and hearty homemade beverage is definitely gonna leave you and especially your belly absolutely calm and relaxed.


  1. Indian Berry Ras

phalsa sharbat_

All you require is about 50gms of thoroughly rinsed fresh phalse (Indian Berry) along with a spoonful of sugar, pinch of black salt, and approximately 200ml of chilled water. Put all your ingredients into a jar, just blend them well together and sieve. And there you go, ready with your chilled delightful Indian Berry Juice. Enjoy this delicious drink along with your friends and surprise them with your marvelous knowledge of flavor profile!




  1. Icy Chaisy




Well, you just need to boil 2 cups of water, and add into it 2tbsp sugar and about 4-5 black tea bags let this cool for 5 minutes and then pour in 2 more cups of icy cold water. Squeeze in a lime and add some mint leaves to your drink and refrigerate it for a couple of hours and then enjoy the chilled refreshment. Let this homemade Icy Chaisy recharge and enliven you and pep you up with energy.




  1. Mangobling Twist


ILoveLassi! Pour in about 100 ml of water, 100ml of milk, 200ml of yogurt and then take about 400gms of mangoes, blend all of them nicely to get a smooth texture. Now add around 2tbsp of sugar depending upon the sweetness of the mango pulp and yogurt. Add to this some cardamom powder and a cup of ice, blend everything together to get a thin and rich consistency. Garnish your flavored lassi with mint leaves and enjoy the invigorating stress buster.





  1. Khus Lemonade

Give a miraculous twist to your regular nimbupaani!! Dissolve 1 tbsp. sugar in a glass of water and squeeze a lemon into it and then go for the twist i.e. add 1tbsp of khus syrup to your drink along with a big pinch of black salt and stir it well. One magical sip will take away all your fatigue and leave you absolutely refreshed and restored.





Let’s give a bit of zing to life this summer by adding these power packed chillers beset with nutrition and savors to our regular mind-numbing routine. Let’s enjoy the essence of flavors of the season. Let’s refresh ourselves and enjoy a cleansed breath of life……

Let’s burn the sun with some cooling fun!!!!!!

Happy summers!! Happy drinking!!



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  2. Really out of the box ideas, which raise one’s curiosity to try them! I had been thinking for a long time to experiment newer recipes.. and finally I find the inspiration in this blog. Thank you 🙂 looking forward to more such posts

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  4. Thanks for that Spicy Pepino recipe. It really made my day. It’s an instant refreshment and a great way to tackle heat. Keep it up Jatin.


    1. eatnotized says:

      We are here to provide you with the best and the easiest. Do try the amazing sandwiches recently posted on website.:D


  5. Robin says:

    Brilliant 😊😊


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