7 Easy to make Yummy Sandwiches

Well, what is that one thing that took you to the kitchen for the first time? What is the first ever thing that you cooked yourself for morning breakfast or evening snacks? Yes, even before Maggie? That first activity in school, cooking without fire?

Just one answer to all questions…. SANDWICH, our all-time favorite sandwiches, one of the only things prepared without any hassle!!

Now get ready to gobble up some yummy sandwiches for your tummy! These mouthwatering toasties are super easy to make…. And believe us cooking and munching on them is a big time stress buster!


  1. Protein-O-Treat

Time for some healthy, nutritious and yummy tuck. You just got to mash some paneer(cottage cheese), add into it some freshly chopped green and red peppers and onions into it. Season with salt and pepper. Pack in this mixture between 2 bread slices and toast it until crispy. The submarine filled with taste and health is ready to be gulped in. Enjoy the pleasure of this appetizing small leisure time meal….


  1. Burnt Garlic Indo-French toast


As crispy as the name, French toasts are excellent brunch meals, which are absolutely healthy and crunchy, moreover too very easy to cook. All you need to fix up is,Boil few eggs, then cut in half and pan fry in butter, garlic, ginger and onions. Pan Fry two slices of bread, sandwich the eggs along with some green chutney and tomato ketchup. This lovely delicious toasty will serve your belly at any hour of the day be it brunch time or supper time, and most of all you can cook it up with much ease and comfort. Munch on to your crispy snack along with your friends and invigorate your day with your self-cooked delights.


  1. Grilled Kidney Bean Sandwich

Power packed with proteins and carbohydrates, this grilled sandwich is one of the most wholesome ever. To enjoy your healthful meal, you just got to take some boiled rajma, sauté it in a pan till little crisped. Take some boiled potato mash and add the cooked beans, some browned onion, garlic and ginger into it. Sandwich this mixture between two bread slices and put on a grill after applying butter on the top side. This energizing meal is not only scrumptious and yummy but also one of the best to add into your regular diet plan to keep you in good shape.

  1. Desi Potato punch 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor all the potato lovers out there, delight into this tantalizing potato punch. All you have to prepare is,mash some boiled potatoes and add into it some salt, pepper, cumin powder and garam masala to spice it up with flavor. Add finely chopped onions and some coriander and deseeded green chilies. Spread the flavor packed batter on a slice of bread then Pan fry in butter.  This flavorsome sandwich pepped up with zingy savors shall enliven your zesty snack party with its refreshing taste and aroma.

  1. Old is now Bold

This is the easiest and tastiest snack that you can ever prepare. All you got to do is take up13443962_1102782376427442_1188872150_n.jpg 2 slices of bread, apply ketchup on one side of a bread and butter on the other slice. Sandwich sliced tomatoes, onions and cucumber between the breads. To crisp up your sandwich you may also add some aalubhujia to it, this will make it even more tasty and crunchy. Delight into this fresh veggie sandwich and enjoy the refreshing crispy bite.


  1. Cheesey Bacon Crunch

pear-bacon-raspberry-grilled-cheese4.jpgFor all those who crave for non-veg, your trouble-free recipe is here. Take 2 slices of bread, apply butter on the outer sides and put in a layer of cheese slice and bacon in the sandwich. Now roast itat 400 F till it forms a golden brown crust. And there you go, we are done with our crispy browned bread. Just can’t wait to crunch into the crusty cheesy delight.


  1. Ham in the house

Up for some enticing and tempting flavors?? 183046-HERO-68922aad-6707-4c61-acc3-bc8364e80192-0-472x310.jpgGet set go…… In 2 slices of bread, add in some shredded cabbage, cucumber, olives jalapenos and onions take few thin slices of ham, fold it with the veggies pour some mint mayonnaise, mustard sauce and barbeque sauce, season with salt. This club sandwich packed in with zesty flavors will leave you absolutely enthralled with taste and energy. Spice up your tummy with these mouthwatering savors!!



“I believe that all anyone wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.” – Liz Lemon

Enjoy simple cooking, release your stress and the result is too flavorful…… Devour into these little scrummy packages of health and taste and feel the essence of self-cooked toasties.

Cure your hunger with these lip-smacking appetizers!!!!



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    keep it up.. going good 🙂


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    Haha !!! Good One Bro….!!!! 😁


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