5 Incredibly energizing Frozen Feasts

If you haven’t had an ice cream by the end of the day, to picture ‘abhi baki hai mere dost’….  There’s sure a gratifying icy delight left for the day…. Get going, feel the freshness!!!

strawberry sorbet.jpg

It’s quite rightly said, that you can’t buy happiness but you can definitely buy ice cream, and ice cream is next level happiness… However, as you may be on a diet and do not wish to consume unhealthy ice cream on a regular basis….

Here, we got you something even more chilled, refreshing and most essentially full of health…

  1. Cut Fruit Popsicle

This one is such an amazing looking dessert and tastes so nice that you will sure doubt yourself about its health quotient but believe us you’ll find nothing more nutritious and delicious.

In a saucepan, take water and sugar, and heat to melt it. Then, rest it to cool down. Keep chopped fruits ready, add and combine the fruits into the sugar solution. Then pour this solution in ice cream mold and set to freeze for about an hour. Take it out after an hour and push in the fruits to the base of the popsicle using a spoon, add an ice cream stick. Then freeze for about 3-4 hours until completely set. De-mould and serve as soon as possible.
Ingredients used

  • sugar                                                            6 tbsp
  • water                                                           150 ml
  • Kiwi (chopped)                                          2 no.
  • Strawberry (chopped)                             10-12 no.
  • Mango (chopped)                                     1 big


  1. Watermelon Granita 

It’s child’s play to prepare this super easy, soothing and rejuvenating granita abundant with the richness of watermelon alongside a chilled buzz.

In a blender, add the watermelon, lime juice, sugar, salt and a little water. Blend to a smooth consistency, and then spread on a tray up to a height of 2-3 cm. Now set to freeze for about 45 minutes. Then, take it out and quickly scramble with a fork, and put back into the freezer for another 45 min. Repeat the process 3-4 times until the granita in ready.
Ingredients used

  • Sugar                 2tbsp
  • Water                 50 ml
  • Watermelon     500gms
  • lime                    ½ lime
  • salt                      1 pinch


  1. Orange Slush

A drink to go with all, literally everything. It’s fresh, it’s sweet and it gives you a sure shot brain freeze…..  The best way to make a slush is to freeze the fresh orange juice. Then pop the frozen cubes into a blender and add a pinch of salt and a small squeeze of a lime. Blend for about 8-10 seconds to get the required consistency. Then pour in and you are good to go.

slush 1

Ingredients used

  • Orange                 3-4 big size
  • Salt                       a pinch
  • sugar                   if required


  1. Strawberry Sorbet
    It’s fast and trouble-free and we bet nothing is more satisfactory than the marriage of flavors in a good sorbet.

Add frozen strawberries in a blender, add lime juice and cold milkmaid, blend for about a minute and your creamy and flavorful dessert is ready to serve.

strawberry sorbet2
Ingredients used

  • frozen strawberry                                400gm
  • lime juice                                                ½ a lime
  • milkmaid                                                100ml
  1. Icy Chuski

The ever-famous Indian take on the icy fun.
Shave some fresh ice or use shaved ice and fit it in a mold. Put in an ice cream stick with your thumbs press in from the side to ensure the ice candy is tight and holds its shape. Now take it out of the mold and pour the desired flavor syrup upon it (You can use a mixture of different syrups. Squeeze some lime and sprinkle some chat masala on it and there you are ready with your favorite summer joy…

Ingredients used

  • Ice                                                    200gm
  • Flavoring syrups (rose, khus)    3 tbsp
  • lime juice                                        ½ no.
  • jaljeera powder                             a big pinch

So this summer, don’t roast yourself going to the far away ice-cream parlor in this scorching heat… Juts be home, rush to the kitchen and get yourself a frozen treat!!!

Happy Summers!

Happy Eating !!



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