Summer Soother- Coconut Water

We are extremely happy to celebrate the 1st anniversary of “Eatnotized”. Our heartiest thanks to all you guys who have always been our constant support and it’s because of you that we made it till here. Longing for your ever boosting support through many more years to come…  ❤ ❤

Ever since this beautiful journey began, health has been our prime concern and here celebrating our first birthday bash, we bring to you a healthsome beverage to rejoice in a more fruitful and thriving way…

Are you not tired of putting in all sorts of toxic stuff into your body, but just can’t resist it? So here, we bring to you an amazing natural healthy drink that’s gonna balance it all with some rich nutrients and a rejuvenating flavor…

And the experiments you could do with it are endless, each one just perfectly amplifies its taste and savor…..

Health Benefits of Coconut water


  • Moisturizes and clears Skin- Coconut water is good for skin as it reduces marks and acne on the skin and makes it look flawless and youn.. Yes, you got it right, replacing your Fashion and beauty cream with a lot more Benefits.
  • The solution to your worst hangover- It is like the best friend when you drink more than your belly allows, by providing the required electrolytes to the body.
  • Aids in reducing weight – Coconut water is low in Calories and makes you feel full due to the rich nutrient content, hence, helping to reduce the high-calorie intake.
  • Rich in Nutrients – It is highly nutritive and is a very good habit of indulging into, it will help create a balance between what and when to eat.
  • Boosts Hydration – in this hot summer, your body requires a lot of water and so coconut water is an apt way to get the required nutrients as it quenches thirst and keeps your body hydrated.
  • Dissolves kidney stones- Coconut water helps flush away excess Calcium, Phosphate, and Uric acid from the body preventing the production of kidney stones.

Side Effects

  • Reduces Blood Pressure- It may reduce the blood pressure of the high BP medication patients way too low, which may need you to consult the doctor immediately.
  • Allergies- Many people are allergic to coconut water and thus a possibility of allergic reaction to those who have such issues.
  • Over consumption can lead to unsatisfied tummy and so the right quantity must be watched.
  • Should be consumed right after it’s cut, it loses its nutrient values if kept for long after cutting open.

Interesting Facts

  • The high potassium content of coconut water, higher than a banana, ranging to about 20% of the daily potassium requirements is one reason why it is a wonder drink.
  • Global coconut water sales reach $400 million a year.
  • Coconut water can be used (during emergencies) as a substitute for blood plasma.


Who should drink?

  • It is very beneficial during pregnancy as it has the required vitamins and minerals to hydrate and prevent vomiting and constipation.
  • Good for athletes as it hydrates and has proportionately less sugar and sodium content in it.

How much to drink?


  • As an apple a day keeps the doctor away, similarly, a coconut a day keeps the heat of the sun away.




Three innovative ways you can enjoy Coconut water-

1. Cut Fruit Popsicle

You know how to make a Popsicle. Don’t you? No problem its easy and quick…
Just pour the coconut water in ice cream molds and add fresh berries to it. Fridge for about 2-3 hrs and enjoy.

2. Watermelon Coconuts Juice

It is a 70-30 proportion of watermelon juice to coconut water that makes the right balance. Juice out few watermelon slices then blend in with some chilled coconut water then squeeze in little lime juice, season with rock salt and you are good to go.

3. Mango Coconut Smoothie


In these super-hot dog days, God gives us Mango as a hope to beat the heat. Now escalate the flavor of your mangoes by adding in coconut ice cubes and mango pulp then blending it together to a rich consistency.

Well, what’s more soothing than a coconut drink in this scorching heat. Get going, grab your drink and there you are all set to challenge the sun…

Happy summers!!




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  1. Definitely going to start making more coconut water based smoothies. Thanks!

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  2. eatnotized says:

    thanks for your support keep visiting.. 😀


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